Excel homework help refund policy

Excelhomeworkhelp.com has a fully operational refund policy that students can use to see a refund from us. Our refund policy contains details on when you can seek a refund from us. Here we explain when clients qualify for a refund and when they do not. Therefore, use this refund policy as a guide when seeking a refund from us. Note that we may update this refund policy from time to time, and therefore it is important for you to visit this section regularly.

Our Refund Policy

Excelhomeworkhelp.com has a fully functional refund policy which students can refer to when seeking a refund. This policy is meant to increase trust between our clients and us. Different factors can make students seek a refund. However, we do everything in our power to ensure that we do all your work according to the agreement. If, in any case, we are not able to complete your excel homework, we will inform you early enough and initiate a refund. To get a refund here, you must prove that you had paid for a service with us. It’s important to note that all refunds will be made to the same accounts the money came from.

Circumstances when you can seek a refund from us

There are many circumstances when you can qualify for a refund. They include;

When you make a double payment for the same task, you automatically qualify for extra payment if you happen to pay for the same work twice. Note that if you have another homework that you would like to be done by our team, you can use the extra payment instead of seeking a refund. However, if you need the money refunded, we will initiate the refund process immediately after you launch it.

If we do not get an expert to work on your homework within one hour after submitting it, we will notify you and immediately refund the money. However, this is a very rare situation because before accepting any task, we first ensure enough experts. We only accept work that we can complete within a specific time.

If you cancel an order within the first 20 minutes after hiring us, you will qualify for a refund. However, note that this will not apply for orders you term as urgent or for online tests. Urgent orders are started immediately after hiring us.

Cancellation of an order

Orders can be cancelled by either you or by us. Our team can cancel your order because of different reasons. If we notice that you used another person’s payment method and money without their consent, we will cancel the order. If we realize that the money you are using to pay us comes from money laundering and other illegal activities, we will cancel the order. We can also terminate our contract with you if we notice that you are using our website for purposes other than the intended one. Note that you can also cancel an order based on the reasons you will inform us. Once you cancel an order, you will be notified whether you qualify for a refund or not.