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Hire us to do your Excel Homework for The Best Grades

A worksheet in Excel is a collection of cells (organized in 1048576 rows and 16384 columns) where you keep and manipulate data. An Excel workbook can have several Excel worksheets. Worksheet management in Excel can be extremely difficult, especially if you have a wide range of data to deal with.

Hire us to do your Excel Homework for The Best Grades

There are countless functions and formulas to master, procedures to remember, and other things. Therefore, the subject matter is fairly dense. This leads to confusion and unpreparedness among excel students, especially when it comes to solving their homework.

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  1. Worksheet Name and Color Editing
  2. Adding, Unadding, and Deleting
  3. Saving and Opening Worksheets
  4. Worksheet Views
    • Freezing panes
    • Comparing sheets

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Mathematics functions in Excel are used to perform a variety of common arithmetic operations. You can sum, count, find the maximum/minimum, get the average, find the logarithms of numbers, et cetera. They're different from Excel Statistical and Engineering functions that also perform math-related arithmetic. The functions can be divided into Basic Arithmetic Functions, Conditional Sums, Matrix Functions, Rounding Functions, and Trigonometry Functions, just to mention a few.

Are Math Functions Unclear to You? Pay us to Solve Your Excel Homework Online

Questions on Mathematics functions may ask you to write correct functions for performing various operations. That means you need to understand when and how to use the functions correctly, leave alone mastering them. While this sounds simple, it's important to understand that the slightest mistake can lead to the biggest problem in this case. That's how mathematics is created. We understand that all these can be unnerving, especially if you're a busy student. And that's why we're here to help you write your Excel homework online.

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ABSYields the absolute value of a given number
COMBINGives the number of combinations of a given number of things
EXPReturns e raised to power n
MMULTYields the matrix product of two arrays
SUMSums all numbers in a specified range of cells
TANYields the tangent of an angle

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Data formatting in Excel is used to change the appearance of data represented in a worksheet. Users can format the table or cells depending on the situation. There are basic and advanced formatting tricks in Excel. As students get to learn more, the concepts become more complicated.

Let us Write Your Excel Spreadsheet Hw Questions on Data Formatting

It can be difficult to understand some concepts of the matter. And as a result, it can be even more complicated to deal with your homework questions on this concept. But with the right help around you, it's easy to ace your homework. We can help.

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String functions, also dubbed text functions in Excel, are used to convert numbers to the text within a spreadsheet. Numeric values are converted into text strings, which are always available in all versions of Excel. The text/string function is often needed when:

We Can Solve Your Excel Homework Instantly
  • The user wants to show dates in a specific format
  • The user wishes to combine text with numbers
  • Numbers need to be displayed in a specified mode or a more legible manner

Exam questions involving string functions demand mastery of various codes, insight into when and how to apply a specified function, and the list is long. While some students find it interesting to deal with this concept, others may find it difficult. And when homework questions on string functions start giving you sleepless nights it's time you considered paying someone reliable to help you solve them online. That someone can be us.

ExcelHomeworkHelp.com has hired several experts who can help you do your Excel homework based on string functions. Several string functions make it difficult to predict where a question can come from. But that shouldn't bother you when we're around because we understand how to use all of them appropriately. Don't you also be worried about the complexity of your questions because of our Ph.D. Excel spreadsheet specialists who have all the insight.

Meanwhile, here are a few string functions and their roles in Excel. Please note that there are many more, and we understand all of them.

String FunctionRole
BAHTTEXTUses the baht currency format to change a number into a text
CHARReturns the character which is specified by the code number
DOLLARUses the dollar currency format to convert a number to text
T FunctionChanges arguments into texts

Hire Experts to Write Your Excel Homework for You at Affordable Rates

Working with charts in Excel helps display data in a variety of ways. Charts are often referred to as graphs in Excel. A chart is a visual representation of data from an Excel worksheet. It's meant to being meaningful to data by displaying patterns, trends, and other variables. Chart formats include bar charts, doughnut charts, pie charts, and scatter charts, just to mention a few of them. It can be difficult to generate a chart in Excel if you do not have hands-on experience with them.

It's easy to notice that most Excel homework questions often ask for chart generation. They may ask you to come up with a suitable graph that best represents a set of data, or generate a specific graph based on the available data. If you aren't ready to tackle such questions, we are. We can solve your Excel homework with questions hinged on Excel charts. You only need to pay a few bucks and we'll send nothing but accurate, neat, and well-documented solutions.

Most of our Excel experts hold Ph.D. degrees in statistics, data analytics, and related disciplines. They have worked with Excel in several projects for many years of their careers. No question about Excel charting can challenge them, as they usually deliver top grades to our students. Here are some of the things into which they have deep insight:

  • Various Types of Charts
  • Chart Formatting Elements
  • Handling Gaps
  • Gauge Charts
  • Thermometer Charts
  • Gant Charts
  • Spotting Data in Scatter Charts

Looking for an Expert in Directory Functions? We Can Do your Excel Homework

Directory functions in Excel, also known as VBA DIR functions, are VBA built-in functions used to give the filenames of specified files or folders. The user needs to describe the path of the underlying file/folder. If there is more than one file in the described location, the first one will always be displayed. To get more files, anyway, you can call the DIR function again without any arguments. The DIR function can be used as a VBA function in Excel.

Excel homework questions based on this concept can ask you to find a file given its pathname and pattern, find other files in the same path, call the DIR function under specified conditions, and others. If you aren't prepared for such questions adequately, you may find it hard to research and solve your homework in time or excellently. We can help.

Hire us to write your Excel homework for your dream grades now. Our competent experts are available throughout the day and night to start working on your homework right away and deliver them before the deadline. The experts work under rules which ensure that we only deliver the best standard of service to our students. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the DIR functions that we've been dealing with; the list isn't complete:

FunctionValueWhat it Does
vbReadOnly1Specified read-only and no-attribute files
vbVolume8Specifies the volume label
vbDirectory16Specifies all directories/folders and files with no attributes
VB Alias64A file name that is specified is an alias